Here you’ll find a wide range of vacuums for all budgets,
from small form-factor to all-in-one liquid vacuums.


Now get your home cleaned with high-end Residential Vacuum system

Today, the market is thriving with wide range of vacuums blended with array of features and designs. Retailers are having a great business in dealing with these new age vacuum systems. Available in wide range of designs and price, you need to consider some criteria when buying the system. This includes-

  • Size of the home
  • Types of surface to clean
  • Amount of dust in your space
  • The frequency to use the system
  • Features: self-cleaning filter, HEPA, etc.

At DrainVac Hyderabad, we offer wide range of residential vacuum systems. Below mentioned are few-

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Sadie Plus


Master Vacuum System

Mini DrainVac Hyderabad Atomik


  • Most classic or traditional type of household vacuum
  • They are easier to store
  • Are small in size and shape
  • Provide a wider cleaning area than canister vacuums
  • Excellent for cleaning plush, deep carpets
  • Household vacuum cleaners like uprights are lightweight and convenient to carry.
  • Have a very powerful motor action for better suction
  • High-quality uprights have larger dirtbag capacity and thus can hold a large amount of dust and dirt with any spill-over.
  • Comes with long cord, extra tools for different types of cleaning requirements
  • Requires little maintenance
  • Cheaper in price as compared with canister vacuums