DrainVac Hyderabad is the leading dealer of Central Vacuum System for residential purpose. They have a wide range of vacuum system consisting of modern features and user-friendly, giving a whole new experience of cleaning interior area. But before you go ahead to buy this system, it is important to know what is Central Vacuum System is and how it works?


Central vacuum system– also known as Whole House Vacuum is built-in system in which pipes run through the interior wall of the home and connected to a large vacuum system. The entire system is designed to be powerful than traditional portable vacuum and has less noise. Moreover, it also helps in recirculation of dust and dirt into the home. One of the  drawbacks of traditional vacuum system is they hardly work against dust and end up effecting allergies and asthma. But with the central vacuum system there is no case of recycling air. It drains out the dust from your house and never comes back in contact with the home.

Here are other things you need to know-

  • The main unit of the system is positioned in the garage area, utility room or dry area
  • These systems are efficient in draining out the dust- solid and liquids. The advanced wet machine will automatically drain out the dirty liquids.
  • The best thing about Central Vacuum System by Drainvac Hyderabad is improve the indoor air quality of the home

Advantages of our Central Vacuum System

There are some good advantages of using Central Vacuum System which includes :


The system is designed to offer high-end performance to clean out solid and liquid dust out of the house. Once it sucks in the dust, it drains out them directly into the drain system. It also has optimal suction feature helping to vacuum the same place twice.


Every vacuum system from Drainvac Hyderabad is designed to meet commercial and industrial requirements. These products carry a lifetime warranty on a casing and other features. So once you invest, you don’t need to replace it with other for the next few years.


This is the smart investment you can have to keep your home dust free and also adds value to your home. The entire system is maintenance free, so you don’t have to invest on the maintenance thing. You can simply plug the flexible hose into the wall inlet and go.


Drainvac Hyderabad is completely soundproof giving noiseless operation. Some of our models work under the 56 decibels. So you don’t need to worry about any kinds of sound pollution which traditional vacuum offer.


The vacuum system is designed to offer complete hygiene to homeowners. Each of the devices goes through multiple tests to check if the device can do deep cleaning and keeping your home allergic free. This system is also sucks out the dust out of room to keep the area free.

Our range of vacuum systems
are specially designed for
harsh Indian
cleaning environments.